Décor Tips: Tropical Home Makeover Ideas

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thinking of renovating your home and bring in nature and the tropics into your personal space? Your whole family will find a tropical interior décor very calming and relaxing just like you’re on a vacation in a Hawaiian or Balinese resort. With a few simple add-ons, changes here and there, you will soon find yourselves surrounded with the perfect tropical accessories and a warm yet relaxing beach palette. So whether it’s the bathroom, the living room, the bedrooms or the whole house, the following makeover ideas are bound to bring you that breezy, tropical paradise that you have always wanted for your home.

Hues and Color Palettes 
Simple tropical home makeover can start with choosing the right colors to complement your home. In sunny places, greens and cooling colors such as white, beige, natural browns and even muted greens are perfect bases. Tropical colors of oranges, turquoise, red and yellow easily brings out the freshness and the brightness of the place. If you want something more striking, have bold designs in patterns of lush foliage and flowers on your walls.

Flooring and Furniture
If you’re aiming for that breezy tropical feel, do away with carpets and go for hard wood materials or ceramic tiles. You can attain a more sophistical feel with sisal or sea-grass and bamboo floor coverings. A couple of neural and simple rugs will also be useful for protecting hardwood flooring. The same would go for furniture materials, natural materials such as teak, sea grass and wicker are perfect for getting that tropical vibe. Woven rattan sofas and bed may be complemented with cushioned throws and pillows.

Tropical homes makeover suggests large picture windows that let light and breeze in. If you want to have a tropical ambiance in your home, keep your windows uncluttered and simple. If you have enough budget, you can adjust its size and shape or have hard wood clutters with slatted or roll-up bamboo blinds. If you need to use curtains, white voile or linen materials will do just great for that airy tropical feel.

Tropical Accents
Accessories and accents are some of the simplest form of home improvements but have major impact on rooms and places they are installed. For that tropical home feel, go for bold prints on fabric or wall paints. Your home should have room for plants and verdant tropical foliage. There are a long list of tropical plants that you can decorate your home with such as bamboo, plumeria, orchids, palm trees, orchids, birds of paradise and caladium. Beach trinkets such as shells, coconuts, rocks, corals and driftwood are also ideal pieces for center tables and consoles. Tiki statues, pineapple designed figures and decorative wood carvings can complete your tropical home makeover.

These days, home decoration and improvement are turning into natural elements, particularly those that can easily relax and remind people of never ending summers. Thus, tropical home makeover has become the trend especially for those regions not lucky enough to have the same climate as in the tropics. It’s easy enough to achieve a tropical home paradise and you really don’t need to spend a lot to achieve it. 

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