The Different Facets of Painting

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Painting is one of the most artistic and expressive technique to impart one’s thoughts. It uses a variety of styles and usually requires a honed skill to bring out the best art design.

Aside from this, a fanatic of arts could have a lot of companions to show off his/ her collections. So what mediums are usually incorporated when one is into painting collection?

There are different mediums that are used in the creation of magnificent and amazing images. These may include the following.
  •  Painting with acrylics
  •  Decorative painting and murals
  •  Painting using pastels
  • Oil painting
  • Watercolor painting

Indeed painting makes a dent to a number of individuals which makes it the primary reason for having a profound collection of arts. 

Looking for Dining Table Set

Thursday, April 25, 2013
Whenever we move to a new place, be it house or office or warehouse, I always choose a date with 8 or 0. Its inculcated in me since childhood that these numbers connote success.  With that thing in mind, we moved on our new rented house on April 8.

The house is still in chaotic order especially that it doesnt have shelves in the kitchen and no cabinets in the room. So this time, I have no option but to furnish it with shelves and cabinets. But before I do that, I first bought a double deck bed for the kids. Its their ultimate wish so they can sleep on their own and yes - we gave in to their request. And was a success initially - but it didnt last long. I will make a separate post on the story about the double deck (wink).

Anyway, we need to buy a new dining set as our old one is not that sturdy anymore. Given the weights on my kids and yes mommy and daddy too, we thought of ordering a made to order dining set.

Luckily, my colleague knew a shop near Abri so we went there today after office. I was glad that the rate the owner gave me for a  6 seater dining set is only Php 6,500.

That is way to low than the dining set I scouted at malls and road side furniture shops. Its pricey and the quality wont last long. 

So anyway, after googling a few photos, here are our favorites.  

( 1 )

( 2 )

( 3 )

After showing to hubby and the two boys, we selected design no 2. But the color will be natural color just like Design No. 3. I must admit I like Number 3 also but its 3 against 1? So okay - they won! 

I will come back tomorrow for my design and the downpayment of Php 2,500. Completion is after a week, the balance will then be paid after delivery. Free delivery also.

Now I can fully rest and start moving things again from the dining area. Good luck to me!

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