How to Design a Fireplace

Sunday, February 9, 2014
Putting a fireplace for your living room is one brilliant idea in improving the vibe of your home. However, placing and designing a fireplace is crucial due to the fact that it can crack the overall outlay of your interiors. To ensure the full potential of a fireplace, you can make use of these tips. 

Focal Point. Make it as the center of attention by placing furniture such as sofa and small chairs around the fireplace. 

• Shared Attention. If you are fond of watching TV or reading books, work on the fireplace and living room to your advantage. Simply mount a flat screen television just above the fireplace or align bookshelves at the fireplace’s flanks. 

No matter how you like it to design your living, just make it sure that your place will be inviting as always and full of life. In view of this, utilize any brilliant designing tips you have in mind.
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