How to Design a Fireplace

Sunday, February 9, 2014
Putting a fireplace for your living room is one brilliant idea in improving the vibe of your home. However, placing and designing a fireplace is crucial due to the fact that it can crack the overall outlay of your interiors. To ensure the full potential of a fireplace, you can make use of these tips. 

Focal Point. Make it as the center of attention by placing furniture such as sofa and small chairs around the fireplace. 

• Shared Attention. If you are fond of watching TV or reading books, work on the fireplace and living room to your advantage. Simply mount a flat screen television just above the fireplace or align bookshelves at the fireplace’s flanks. 

No matter how you like it to design your living, just make it sure that your place will be inviting as always and full of life. In view of this, utilize any brilliant designing tips you have in mind.

Gazebo For Your Garden

Monday, January 27, 2014
Gazebo is one of the many things I want installed when I own a house. That is why, I wanted to stay in the province so I can do landscaping and gardening around the house. Building a gazebo is surely not a big issue as the space in not that limited. Plus a lot of materials are just within reach with extra cost - or perhaps just labor.
 photo ID-100157446.jpg

It would be nice place to rest, read books, tutor the kids or write my post. At times, its nice to enjoy our silence so we can talk to God and contemplate for our sins.


Kids Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1Decorating your kids room can be stressful as there are a lot of things to focus. You should take notice on your kids favorite character and favorite color. Or if the kid is too small to suggest, then take your own favorite color. I've made a lot of mistakes on buying stuff for my kids. Instead of focusing on durability of the furnitures, because of the lack of funds, I bought the cheaper version which didn't last for long. In the end, I bought their beds twice already. If I've waited for the right discount at a nearby furniture shop, I could have bought the bed that I long since I was a kid.

For the walls, its easier to have it painted as cleaning is easy. But if you prefer to apply wall decals, it is also an option so you can change the design the way you like it.

Perfect Kitchen

Thursday, January 9, 2014
This is my ideal type of kitchen. The space is maximized for all its purpose. When I build my own house someday, this will be my kitchen.

Tips for Small Kitchen Makeovers

Sunday, January 5, 2014

These days, home developers have created smaller living spaces in the urban areas to accommodate the growing population. To avoid being crowded, simple customizations can be applied to these small apartments or condominiums. You can also try a few simple tricks to widen up your space. For small kitchen makeovers, it is suggested that apartment dwellers make use of the vertical space for storage and organization. If you have big appliance around, you should be able to place then in a manageable position. Opt for a corner booth instead of a free standing kitchen table so that you can have more shelves or drawers for your kitchen utensils and needs.

Pink and Orange Girls Room

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Today is the birthday of my daughter and I asked her what gift she wants to receive this time. As she is a preschooler - yes, just turned 5 years old today - she would always say Barbie. But I was surprised that for her cake, she chose a different character - Lalaloopsy this time. And for the gift, she wants to have her own room - a girls room in Pink and Orange combination.

As I searched in Google, I found really nice pink and orange bedroom that I've gone crazy collecting memories of the things we have in these two fabulous colors.

The size of the bed is just perfect as we only have one daughter. We already have single bed but its currently in light brown color. I could wrap it with an orange vinyl sticker in matt finish and will buy a pink bedsheet to match it with. The butterfly here is personalize wall decals made from vinyl sticker already. Perhaps I could order from The shelves and cabinets could be refurbished also with vinyl stickers. 

The partition in the house is small thus this formation is just perfect. Pink and Orange room is so vibrant and colorful that is just so perfect for her personality.

A light and pastel shades of pink and orange is also nice and sweet. The roundish wall decals are again perfect. Its so easy to decorate a room by just installing wall decorations.

With a yellow paint, the room transforms into a lively yet girly paradise! This is nice for a tweeners but not really for my preschooler. 

Do you have other idea for a pink and orange bedroom for girls?

Photo Credits: Google

Clear the House from Unnecessary Junks

Does your home look like a junkshop? Or a little smaller because of the clutter and junk items that needs disposing? I can totally feel you! Because our house looks like that! I have to clean them all, give them away or just throw them on the bin - but one thing for sure - we need a total makeover!

Perhaps, as early as now, I should already make a New Years Resolution and the number one on the list should be - Clear the House from Unnecessary Junks! Feel me?

I cant make this to happen this Christmas vacation as we will be traveling to my in-laws in the province. After a year of working hard, I also deserve sometime to rest, go to the beach, eat lotsa food, enjoy massage at home and just be lazy. 

Our house cleanup will be the priority next year. Good luck to me!
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