Pink and Orange Girls Room

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Today is the birthday of my daughter and I asked her what gift she wants to receive this time. As she is a preschooler - yes, just turned 5 years old today - she would always say Barbie. But I was surprised that for her cake, she chose a different character - Lalaloopsy this time. And for the gift, she wants to have her own room - a girls room in Pink and Orange combination.

As I searched in Google, I found really nice pink and orange bedroom that I've gone crazy collecting memories of the things we have in these two fabulous colors.

The size of the bed is just perfect as we only have one daughter. We already have single bed but its currently in light brown color. I could wrap it with an orange vinyl sticker in matt finish and will buy a pink bedsheet to match it with. The butterfly here is personalize wall decals made from vinyl sticker already. Perhaps I could order from The shelves and cabinets could be refurbished also with vinyl stickers. 

The partition in the house is small thus this formation is just perfect. Pink and Orange room is so vibrant and colorful that is just so perfect for her personality.

A light and pastel shades of pink and orange is also nice and sweet. The roundish wall decals are again perfect. Its so easy to decorate a room by just installing wall decorations.

With a yellow paint, the room transforms into a lively yet girly paradise! This is nice for a tweeners but not really for my preschooler. 

Do you have other idea for a pink and orange bedroom for girls?

Photo Credits: Google

Clear the House from Unnecessary Junks

Does your home look like a junkshop? Or a little smaller because of the clutter and junk items that needs disposing? I can totally feel you! Because our house looks like that! I have to clean them all, give them away or just throw them on the bin - but one thing for sure - we need a total makeover!

Perhaps, as early as now, I should already make a New Years Resolution and the number one on the list should be - Clear the House from Unnecessary Junks! Feel me?

I cant make this to happen this Christmas vacation as we will be traveling to my in-laws in the province. After a year of working hard, I also deserve sometime to rest, go to the beach, eat lotsa food, enjoy massage at home and just be lazy. 

Our house cleanup will be the priority next year. Good luck to me!

Wood Terrace

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I saw this photo at and was lucky to be able to download this. I was looking for a good wooden terrace as a friend of mine asked for a suggestion whether a wooden terrace is better than made of stone. I find it more suitable to use a wooden especially if we are in a tropical country. What do you think?

Healthy Food At Home

Friday, November 8, 2013
The Philippines is once again hit by a massive typhoon. A lot of areas are already flooded, no more electricity supply, communication lines are cut, a lot are stranded in the ports, and thousands are already in evacuation centers.

We appeal to you Lord, please watch over us! Please spare the Philippines! Our area in Cavite is still okay but gloomy. Pagasa predicted that the effect of Yolanda will be tonight at around 8:00 PM.  

On this gloomy day in Cavite, here is our healthy lunch, malunggay with fish and rice.

Be safe everyone.!

Planting New Plants

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Its a short vacation for the kids now and we have ample time to spend together, sometimes pester each other.. lol.. Anyway, we have been planning of planting new plants outside the house. We cut some before because our backyard was flooded during typhoon.

Hopefully the weather tomorrow will be nice so we can plant more in the backyard, if we have ample time, also in the front yard, but there is much to be done there.

Home Security

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
In this past face world, security is a common problem for both business and our homes. Who will notice if someone trespasses our properties while we are out or while travelling? What if these people take some of our valuable properties which we collected over a period of time? What if our families are inside these places? What if?

So many cases are reported daily but are we doing something to prevent such events? Or we just hope it will not happen to us? In times like this, it is a must to ensure our home with adequate measures:

1. If you are going out, make sure to always lock the doors and windows.
2. It is already a must to install a CCTV cameras.
3. Make sure these cameras are of good quality so you will really get the faces of these offenders. 
4. It would be better if you have an alarm system installed.
5. Dont leave the keys to places which are common already. 
6. Its best to let your closest neighbors that you are leaving so they can watch over your house.

Simple Home Elegance with Net Window Sets

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
Upgrading one’s home doesn’t really need a huge budget or any major renovation. In fact, you can improve your home’s décor and look as often as you want using inexpensive accents. Using cheap net curtains is one of the easiest methods of changing your home’s ambiance and it requires very little effort on your part.

Net window curtain sets can easily draw your guests’ attention when they enter the room. In most cases, the first thing that people notice when they come and visit you is the accents and the curtains you have. So you have to choose something that is appealing to the eyes despite the cheap price. Even plain and simple net window sets can look elegant and fashionable with fancy accessories. All you need is a little creativity and you can upgrade cheap curtains into a work of art that’s uniquely your own.

Working with net window sets can be fun and exciting if you know the different accessories that you can use to create different designs and decors for your window. It will no longer appear cheap with some twists and mix on your curtain and accessories. You can have a catchier window sets that your neighbors and guest will appreciate. No one will really notice the inexpensive price and people will only rave about the beauty of your curtain sets. With cheap curtains such as net window sets, you can stimulate your creative side with different ideas and accessories for you to decorate your home cheaply yet elegantly.

You can find basic tips and decorating ideas from the internet to help you turn inexpensive curtain sets into elegant looking accents around your home. It is always more practical to have more natural light streaming into your rooms than using artificial light to light up your rooms so more homeowners are turning to light net window sets than using heavy curtains that blocks light from the outside. Net curtains are light and they also allow fresh air into the room while blocking bright glare and harmful rays of the sun. It also provides some privacy from onlookers outside while offering a view to the people inside.

Net curtains have the disadvantage of easily getting dirty especially for homes located in urban areas and busy streets.  It is advisable to have them cleaned and dusted regularly to maintain its elegant look. You have to keep in mind that a few days without proper dusting will make the dirt and grime noticeable and will become an unpleasant sight for your guest or visitors.

Decorating one’s home should not incur ridiculous expenses. With cheap curtains and net window sets, you can easily improve your home’s look without fuss. Simply mix and match your curtains with other window accessories and you can have unique and attractive rooms that will surely impress people coming into the room. You can look up home improvement and interior decorating sites online to give you simple and inexpensive ideas of decorating with cheap curtains and net window sets!

Home Repairs

Saturday, September 21, 2013
Weekends are normally for family. We usually spend quality time with our family at home. This bonding time is not oftentimes relaxing time, it is also the time to switch on your gear to try to repair some house related problems like door creaking, leaking water pipes, repainting, even furniture repairs.

It is best to repair these small problems before it goes out of hand. And the best person who can do the first emergency is yourself as you are aware of the problems within your home. If the problem is beyond your capabilities, dont forget to get an extra hand or hire the professional.

So what are you up to this weekend? I hope you'll be productive as we are here!

Avoiding Clogged Drainage

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One of the most overlooked parts of the home is the drainage system. People think that they will never have to think about it for some time yet when it gets clogged and malfunctions, you have a handful to worry about. Avoiding drainage clogging can be as easy as ABC and even kids will learn how to take care of your home’s sewerage and drainage system effortlessly. In most cases, drainage issues results from poor use and maintenance where in slow accumulation of debris eventually clogs the system. When it comes to keeping drainage functioning, you should have an effective filtering device on your sink and ensure that you get quality plumbing consultations from a qualified plumber.

Purple and Yellow Living Room Ideas

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
As I mentioned before, we recently moved to a new house. Not so new but I didnt had the time to look into decorating the house. I am scared to exert efforts as we might move again in the next few months. The wall of the house is into yellow shade so I am contemplating how to decorate it. At the moment, the house looks so messy and bland so I guess I have to do something it. Anyway, here are one of the ideas should I choose Purple or Lavender or Violet shades to match with yellow.

How to Decorate with Curtains

Sunday, August 25, 2013
Creating a relaxing and inviting home does not have to be arranged by a skilled interior designer. With just an artistic eye and imaginative mind, anyone can create a home filled with good ambiance. Nonetheless, you can start up with curtain decoration.

Here are just some of the curtain decorating ideas that you can incorporate into your home.
          Outdoor dining. One of the magnificent ideas that you can come up is creating an outdoor dining. You can make it superb and incredibly styled by decorating the poles with curtains. Just make it sure that the curtains complement with that of the theme of your outdoor kitchen.

·         Create a white bedroom. The color white is quite relaxing into the eyes. Simply make most of the inside of a bedroom white which is from curtains up to bed linens.

·         Adorn your balcony. You can decorate your balcony with curtains. Let it be swayed by the soft breeze during daytime and night time.

Home decoration with curtains is not too difficult. You just have to find the right spot and work on it.

How to Start Clearing Your Clutter

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Clutter and a bunch of unorganized items can look really overwhelming to any onlooker. If you’re planning to take things into their proper places and start clearing your clutter, you must have the courage and game plan to do so. Look at the things that make your room cramped and messy, learn to segregate according to its importance. Designate boxes for recyclable items, those that should go in the garbage and those that you can donate to the Salvation Army or anybody who might need it. Cleaning and clearing up a messy room may be a rough experience, but once done, you’d definitely feel good with wider moving and breathing space and a neat and sparkly room.  

Regular Checkup

Saturday, June 22, 2013
As a home owner, you want your house to be on always clean and in order. Preferably free of termites and unknown creatures hiding in the comfort of our home. There are a lot of houses which looks good outside but is actually dying from the termites. Thus it is a must to have its regular check up. Do you do that to your house?

How often do you schedule a maintenance? When you see a visible signs or you have a sched like semi annually or yearly? 

Using Wall Art Decals for the House

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
We just moved to this new house and still as messy as ever! I have been away for 3 weeks so I haven't had the time to really sit and think how to rearrange the stuff inside. Most of our stuff are still in boxes.

Now my mother is in town to bring our house helper and hoping that she will be able to cope up with the messy house! :)

Anyway, I am thinking of ordering from Stickerworld some wall art decals to stick to our walls. I saw some really nice designs from the web and am thinking of sending these designs to their email address so they can quote me. I heard from my friends that they offer the cheapest price as they are an importer and wholesaler here in the Philippines.

If you want to have yours too, you can check their websites or visit their shops. Oh yes, they have 4 shops at the moment but the main office is in Cavite.

Stickerworld Inc.
KB Industrial Compound No. 18,
Niog 3, Bacoor City, Cavite
Tel: 046-4178733

You can also inquire at the other shops:


Red Materials
G/F Edsa Arcade Building,
EDSA corner Libertad St.
Mandaluyong City


Ivory Graphic Materials
G/F Casa Amigo
79 Gen. Echavez Street,
Cebu City


Magenta Graphic Materials
744 D. Suazo corner Lapu Lapu Street
Davao City

Striking Colors for Every Home

Monday, June 10, 2013
A lively and exciting home has attractive colors that perfectly matched its style. However, there are many homeowners who are in a dilemma of deciding on what color to furnish their abode. If that is the case, then fret no more. There are unexpected home colors that can actually make the house looks awesome. Try these out!
  • Black and yellow in the room will bring out a glamorous design.

  • Pink and orange will make the bedroom extraordinary.

  • Dark blue wall and orange accents make the room fantastic.

      • Vermillion and blue-green are perfect for romantic rooms.

      Without a doubt, combination of two colors for home embellishment brings out exceptional and remarkable outcome. Just make it sure that it carefully blends with the other fundamentals of your home such as the furniture or theme.

      Fantastic Kitchen Decorating Ideas

      Saturday, June 8, 2013
      Kitchen has become an essential part to any homes. It is often the venue of making memories such as making a family announcement, bonding with the family members and many more. For these reasons, kitchen should have a good layout.

      To attain a fantastic kitchen place, here are some of the kitchen decorating ideas that you can implement.

      • Add Style.This is basic to any kitchen. Add style that would complement the personality of the home. Examples are classic, tropical and sophisticated kitchen looks.
      • Use Bold Colors.Bold colors make a statement of the kitchen. In the selection, make it sure that it works well with the other parts of the home.
      • Organize and Optimize. Simply maximize the space to allow enough space for the people coming in the kitchen. In this manner, the place will not look off short but rather, spacious and neat.

      Following some essential guidelines or tips in decorating kitchen will bring forth a wonderful and splendid kitchen aura.

      The Different Facets of Painting

      Saturday, April 27, 2013

      Painting is one of the most artistic and expressive technique to impart one’s thoughts. It uses a variety of styles and usually requires a honed skill to bring out the best art design.

      Aside from this, a fanatic of arts could have a lot of companions to show off his/ her collections. So what mediums are usually incorporated when one is into painting collection?

      There are different mediums that are used in the creation of magnificent and amazing images. These may include the following.
      •  Painting with acrylics
      •  Decorative painting and murals
      •  Painting using pastels
      • Oil painting
      • Watercolor painting

      Indeed painting makes a dent to a number of individuals which makes it the primary reason for having a profound collection of arts. 

      Looking for Dining Table Set

      Thursday, April 25, 2013
      Whenever we move to a new place, be it house or office or warehouse, I always choose a date with 8 or 0. Its inculcated in me since childhood that these numbers connote success.  With that thing in mind, we moved on our new rented house on April 8.

      The house is still in chaotic order especially that it doesnt have shelves in the kitchen and no cabinets in the room. So this time, I have no option but to furnish it with shelves and cabinets. But before I do that, I first bought a double deck bed for the kids. Its their ultimate wish so they can sleep on their own and yes - we gave in to their request. And was a success initially - but it didnt last long. I will make a separate post on the story about the double deck (wink).

      Anyway, we need to buy a new dining set as our old one is not that sturdy anymore. Given the weights on my kids and yes mommy and daddy too, we thought of ordering a made to order dining set.

      Luckily, my colleague knew a shop near Abri so we went there today after office. I was glad that the rate the owner gave me for a  6 seater dining set is only Php 6,500.

      That is way to low than the dining set I scouted at malls and road side furniture shops. Its pricey and the quality wont last long. 

      So anyway, after googling a few photos, here are our favorites.  

      ( 1 )

      ( 2 )

      ( 3 )

      After showing to hubby and the two boys, we selected design no 2. But the color will be natural color just like Design No. 3. I must admit I like Number 3 also but its 3 against 1? So okay - they won! 

      I will come back tomorrow for my design and the downpayment of Php 2,500. Completion is after a week, the balance will then be paid after delivery. Free delivery also.

      Now I can fully rest and start moving things again from the dining area. Good luck to me!

      Tips to Maximize Garage Storage

      Saturday, March 23, 2013
      Does your garage look full and seems to have no more space to stuff your tools and other items? Do you want to maximize the space and make it appear lighter and organized? If that is the case, welcome to this page!

      There are a lot of ways to make your garage storage spacious and organized. These include:

      • ·          Hanging items.Simply hang items on the walls.
      • ·         Make shelves and cabinets.Extra cabinets or shelves will serve as another compartment for your tools.
      • ·        Putting in their right places. The screws and nails should be placed in their respective containers such as jars or small pails. This is to prevent accidental punctures.

      Final thoughts
      Maximizing space is all about putting order in your garage. So take a look at your place and see what you can do!

      Hotel for the Royalty

      Wednesday, March 20, 2013
      If you are traveling to Guangzhou, I highly recommend to stay in Nanyang Royal Hotel. We stayed in this hotel for 7 days.

      I felt like a queen sleeping in this bed. :) 

      The photos shown here were our first room. To avail of the lower hotel rates, we booked through the organizer of the printing exhibition. We were so happy as it comes with free buffet breakfast. Hotel room was clean complete with the usual toiletries. Downside - a room without window!

      The room is decorated with almost all gold. Everything is in gold. Gold paint, not pure gold.

      We were late on our second night. Since there is no window, we thought that its still dawn. We were late in our usual morning breakfast meeting.

      We moved to another room after this incident. The price was RMB 100 more but at least, the room is bigger and it has a window. 

      Must-Do With Home Tropical Makeover

      Tuesday, March 19, 2013

      Does your home stresses you out after a long day of work? Is the paint gloomy enough to drain out your remaining energy? If that is the case, then you need a solution to your minor but troublesome dilemma.

      Home improvement is the process of restoring or transforming your pale-looking home into a superb dwelling place. In this aspect, a number of procedures are done to bring out the hidden beauty of your haven. Any of the following is usually included in home tropical makeover.
      • ·         Repair.This process intends to restore the functionality of your place. Examples are roof, kitchen or walls.
      • ·         Paint colors.For a tropical feeling, choose cool colors for your bases. These include white, natural browns, beige and muted greens.
      • ·         Accessories. There is a myriad of accessories to decorate your home. Plants and wood carvings are just a few.
      • ·         Furniture.As for the furniture, make it sure that it complements with the theme of your home. For tropical atmosphere, go for furniture made from wood materials. Also, do not use carpets.

      With the combination of the above activities for home improvement, it will definitely enhance the aesthetics and personality of your place. More so, it will energize and calm the family’s senses any time of the day!

      Perfect Colors for Tropical Home

      Sunday, March 17, 2013

      Do you want to feel more like in a beach at the comfort of your home? If you want a relaxing atmosphere, then start off in making changes with your paint colors.

      Undeniably, homeowners want their place to be relaxing and inviting. In this respect, paint colors have its shares in making your haven extraordinary. By simply complementing the right colors, you are well off to relax and enjoy.
      •         Cool paint colors. If you live in hot areas, then choose white, muted greens or beige colors as your base. The turquoise, yellow, red and orange also have the potential to brighten up your place.

      •      For more striking appeal options. Bold designs are also available for your walls. These include floral and lush foliage patterns.

      Final Thoughts

      Indeed paint colors can create your tropical home more welcoming and relaxing. Therefore, choose the one that suits your taste.

      Home Management

      Saturday, February 16, 2013
      Being a mother seems to be the most difficult job. Mothers have a lot of things to do every day, aside from running the whole house, from wash the dishes, cook the food, take care of kids, prepare hubby for work and so many little things. Aside from all these chores, she still has a career to improve. 

      I admire moms who perform all these task gracefully, that amidst all the chores, still manages to take care of herself - still goes out beautifully inside and out. I have talked to a lot of mommies and they came up with similar answer - its all about home management. 

      So how about you? How do you take care of your family and home?

      Buying A House

      Friday, February 15, 2013
      We have been renting houses for quite a long time. I cant imagine how much money spent on that alone but I know that sooner or later, God will surely help us find our permanent home .Even how small it is, as long as it is called "ours".  It doesn't matter where it is located.

      I hope, I wish, I hope, I wish...

      Décor Tips: Tropical Home Makeover Ideas

      Wednesday, February 13, 2013

      Thinking of renovating your home and bring in nature and the tropics into your personal space? Your whole family will find a tropical interior décor very calming and relaxing just like you’re on a vacation in a Hawaiian or Balinese resort. With a few simple add-ons, changes here and there, you will soon find yourselves surrounded with the perfect tropical accessories and a warm yet relaxing beach palette. So whether it’s the bathroom, the living room, the bedrooms or the whole house, the following makeover ideas are bound to bring you that breezy, tropical paradise that you have always wanted for your home.

      Hues and Color Palettes 
      Simple tropical home makeover can start with choosing the right colors to complement your home. In sunny places, greens and cooling colors such as white, beige, natural browns and even muted greens are perfect bases. Tropical colors of oranges, turquoise, red and yellow easily brings out the freshness and the brightness of the place. If you want something more striking, have bold designs in patterns of lush foliage and flowers on your walls.

      Flooring and Furniture
      If you’re aiming for that breezy tropical feel, do away with carpets and go for hard wood materials or ceramic tiles. You can attain a more sophistical feel with sisal or sea-grass and bamboo floor coverings. A couple of neural and simple rugs will also be useful for protecting hardwood flooring. The same would go for furniture materials, natural materials such as teak, sea grass and wicker are perfect for getting that tropical vibe. Woven rattan sofas and bed may be complemented with cushioned throws and pillows.

      Tropical homes makeover suggests large picture windows that let light and breeze in. If you want to have a tropical ambiance in your home, keep your windows uncluttered and simple. If you have enough budget, you can adjust its size and shape or have hard wood clutters with slatted or roll-up bamboo blinds. If you need to use curtains, white voile or linen materials will do just great for that airy tropical feel.

      Tropical Accents
      Accessories and accents are some of the simplest form of home improvements but have major impact on rooms and places they are installed. For that tropical home feel, go for bold prints on fabric or wall paints. Your home should have room for plants and verdant tropical foliage. There are a long list of tropical plants that you can decorate your home with such as bamboo, plumeria, orchids, palm trees, orchids, birds of paradise and caladium. Beach trinkets such as shells, coconuts, rocks, corals and driftwood are also ideal pieces for center tables and consoles. Tiki statues, pineapple designed figures and decorative wood carvings can complete your tropical home makeover.

      These days, home decoration and improvement are turning into natural elements, particularly those that can easily relax and remind people of never ending summers. Thus, tropical home makeover has become the trend especially for those regions not lucky enough to have the same climate as in the tropics. It’s easy enough to achieve a tropical home paradise and you really don’t need to spend a lot to achieve it. 

      Welcome to Tropical Home Makeover

      Tuesday, February 12, 2013
      I have been planning of creating another Home Blog niche but with my busy schedule in the real world, I wasn't able to find time. But last weekend, as I have nothing to do and the brain didn't work as expected - so I finally bought a new domain - 

      So how do you find that domain? I find it perfect as I live in a tropical country and being a mother and wife - we always like to do makeover around the house.

      Please allow me to welcome you in my second home improvement blog. :) Wish me luck! I hope I could make this blog really a niche blog. So help me G!
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