Hotel for the Royalty

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
If you are traveling to Guangzhou, I highly recommend to stay in Nanyang Royal Hotel. We stayed in this hotel for 7 days.

I felt like a queen sleeping in this bed. :) 

The photos shown here were our first room. To avail of the lower hotel rates, we booked through the organizer of the printing exhibition. We were so happy as it comes with free buffet breakfast. Hotel room was clean complete with the usual toiletries. Downside - a room without window!

The room is decorated with almost all gold. Everything is in gold. Gold paint, not pure gold.

We were late on our second night. Since there is no window, we thought that its still dawn. We were late in our usual morning breakfast meeting.

We moved to another room after this incident. The price was RMB 100 more but at least, the room is bigger and it has a window. 

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