Clear the House from Unnecessary Junks

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Does your home look like a junkshop? Or a little smaller because of the clutter and junk items that needs disposing? I can totally feel you! Because our house looks like that! I have to clean them all, give them away or just throw them on the bin - but one thing for sure - we need a total makeover!

Perhaps, as early as now, I should already make a New Years Resolution and the number one on the list should be - Clear the House from Unnecessary Junks! Feel me?

I cant make this to happen this Christmas vacation as we will be traveling to my in-laws in the province. After a year of working hard, I also deserve sometime to rest, go to the beach, eat lotsa food, enjoy massage at home and just be lazy. 

Our house cleanup will be the priority next year. Good luck to me!

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